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Container Loading Check (China, India,Taiwan, Pakistan)

Other name given to this service :  


- Container Loading Supervision
- Container Loading Inspection
- Container Loading Management


In which case to use this solution ?

If 100% of the production is done and 80 % of the goods are packed
If you want to check the quantity of product is the expected one
If you want to be sure that marking and labeling reach your expectation
If you want to check that your container is in good condition
If you want to be sure that the right goods will be delivered
If after your last pre-shipment inspection you still have a doubt about the quality of your products

Then we highly recommend to use this service
What we check for you ?

Quantity of goods: accordance with PO or not
Quality of your goods
Conditions of your container : cleanliness, sealing
Conditions of your cartons: packing, packaging, conditions, marking
Specific requirement defined by the client
Monitoring of your loading

The easiest way to ensure that your goods are loaded properly
This service will help you to:

Get a real situation of your loading
Ask for compensation to your forwarder in case of damaged goods
Keep eyes and pressure on your supplier and on your forwarder
Show to your client and to your vendor you are a serious buyer
Be sure that your container has not been opened between your supplier place and your seaport

This is a a real security for your shipment