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Product Development and Project Management (China)

Other name of this service :

- Manufacturing outsourcing in China
- Industrial manufacturing in China
- Product development in China
- Project management in China
- Prototyping
- Tooling in China
- Project follow up

When to use this service ?

You are about to market a new product
You have already designed a product and you would like to start operate manufacturing in China
If your project require to outsource a production in China managed by western professionnal based in China
If you would like to develop products in China
If you plan to operate product developpment in China
If you need a reliable western partner to sub-contrat in China your manufacturing process while keeping monitoring the production on site

Then you might be interested in our Product Development in China service
What we do for you ?

Product design: we use our ressources and our expert product designer network to allocate them working on your product design. Our western product designer in China will help to design, correct, improve and optimize your products.
This phasis may include external design (aesthetic) or functionnal internal mechanical part (Pro-Engineer, CAD, 3D)

Preparing and reviewig data sheet and requirement: while the development phasis for your nex product, we can help you by reviewing your technical requirement.

Being " the bridge" between your western located facility and the china manufacturer: we lead the project from A to Z on the whole process manufacturing in China. We report and do the bridge betwwen your western delovepping team and the local chinese manufacturing sub-contractor.

Prototyping: management and establishement of your first prototype and golden sample. It will be use later as reference to start mass production

Negotiation and contracting: acting on your bealf we handle pricing negotation with your supplier and we take the lead regarding important contract clausis to establish with the chinese supplier operateing manufacturing in China.

Production monitoring: we supervise production in China, we manage with potential problems occuring, then we implement instantaneous and well organized corrective action plan in order to make sure the production process respect quality, cost and leadtime. This phasis may include also factory and workers training

Intellectual property: we manage the whole process related intellectual protection in case our client would like we handle it: copyright, registration.

An appropriate solution do cut production cost while limiting bad surprisees and risks.
This service may help you in:

Optimize industrial production cost
Operate outsourced manufacturing in China monitored and managed by western engineer.
Optimize your product time to market
Outsource in China one part of your production on non critical parts
Reduce design cost and production cost
Reduce price related to prototyping and molding

Reduce production cost is doable as long as you have the right partner

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Manufacturing in China
While operating production outsourcing in China we perform accurate, organized and thorough project management in China in order to operate efficient and fast manufacturing in China , prototyping, and molding in China