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During Production Check (China, India, Bangladesh)

Other name given to this service :  

- During Production Inspection
- During Production Supervision
- In-Process Inspection
- In-Process Supervision

In which case to use this solution ?

If 30% of the production is already manufactured
If you want to get a status of your production before the end
If you want to check your last recommendation and corrective action plan
If you want to be sure this recommandations have been implemented in the production process
If you want to control the production capacity is well respected
If you want to check that production timing is as expected

Then we highly recommend to use this service
What we check for you ?

Quantity of goods: already produced, remaining, final expectation date
Quality of your goods already produced: visual appearance, size, function, packing, workmanship, etc...
Specific requirement defined by the client
Monitoring of the production

The easiest way to ensure that your specifications are respected
This service will help you to:

Get an intantaneous status of your production
Get your production on time
Lead corrective action plan before the end
Keep eyes and pressure on your supplier
Show to your client and to your vendor you are a serious buyer

This is a a real security for your production